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National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism

National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism (NKUHT) is unique in the way it fosters elite-level education in Taiwan’s hospitality industry. It has professional faculty, practical programs, advanced facilities, and a caring and artistic campus culture. The campus is always green and lush, giving it a rich, aesthetic atmosphere. For foreign language teaching, students are divided into small classes of different skill levels so as to improve their foreign language internet NKUHTservice. Students are provided with a great on-campus intranet that gives them easy access to a large selection of information and resources. The bachelor degree programs emphasize management knowledge, service skills, and administration. Overseas graduation tours expand students’ worldviews by offering practical international experience. The university promotes close and successful cooperation with industries and always ensures that its teaching and administration activities fit the current global trends.

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International College of I-Shou University

The International College of I-Shou University (ISU-IC) is a business college in Taiwan that offers globally relevant courses through its four departments: International Business Administration, International Finance, Tourism and Hospitality, and Entertainment Management. To maintain the relevance and topicality of the curricula, the college participates in constant screening of international experts and evaluation through global best-practices. It also consults industry advisory panels comprised of prominent business leaders in Taiwan and other countries.
isu ic

ISU-IC uses language immersion to educate its students. The immersion technique is an approach to foreign language instruction in which the curricular activities of a discipline are conducted in a foreign language—in our case, English. This means that the new language becomes the medium of instruction as well as the object of instruction. Students who work within an immersion environment acquire the necessary language skills to comprehend and communicate their particular areas of study according to curriculum requirements. They use the same modern learning methods as those used in the best non-immersion universities. ISU-IC’s immersion program is distinctive because English is the medium through which 90 percent of the academic content is taught in the first year. After students’ first year, 100 percent of their instruction is in English. This is referred to as “total immersion.”

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