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National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism

National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism (NKUHT) is unique in the way it fosters elite-level education in Taiwan’s hospitality industry. It has professional faculty, practical programs, advanced facilities, and a caring and artistic campus culture. The campus is always green and lush, giving it a rich, aesthetic atmosphere. For foreign language teaching, students are divided into small classes of different skill levels so as to improve their foreign language internet NKUHTservice. Students are provided with a great on-campus intranet that gives them easy access to a large selection of information and resources. The bachelor degree programs emphasize management knowledge, service skills, and administration. Overseas graduation tours expand students’ worldviews by offering practical international experience. The university promotes close and successful cooperation with industries and always ensures that its teaching and administration activities fit the current global trends.

The academic units are as follows: School of Hospitality Management, Graduate Institute of Hospitality Management, Graduate Institute of Hospitality Education, Department of Hotel Management, Department of Food and Beverage Management, Department of Hospitality Marketing and Event Management, Department of Applied Japanese, Department of Applied English, School of Tourism, Graduate Institute of Travel and Tourism Management, Master’s Program in Transportation and Leisure Service Management, Department of Travel Management, Department of Airline and Transport Service Management, Department of Leisure and Recreation Management, Bachelor’s Program in Tourism Management, School of Culinary Arts, Graduate Institute of Taiwan Food Culture, Master’s Program in Food and Beverage Innovation Research, Department of Western Culinary Arts, Department of Chinese Culinary Arts, Department of Baking Technology and Management, Bachelor’s program in Chinese Culinary Arts.


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