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Dr. Lidia Godzwon

Dr. Lidia Godzwon is the director of the Neovita Centre, the manager of the Addiction and Co-Addiction Treatment Clinic Pro Vita (Poradnia Leczenia Uzależnień i Współuzależnień Pro Vita), and the deputy director of the Centre for Mental Health and Addiction Therapy Pro Vita (Centrum Zdrowia Psychicznego i Terapii Uzależnień Pro Vita), in Cracow, Poland. GodzwonShe is also a president of the Cracow Medical Society. In addition, she works with students at Jagiellonian University and Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University and is collaborating with other research centers. Dr. Godzwon has also trained social service personnel, including curators, educators, social workers, and police officers, and was a court expert in the field of addiction. She has 20 years of experience working with people addicted to alcohol, gambling, and the Internet and co-addicts and people experiencing domestic violence, in individual and group contexts.

She obtained her PhD in Humanities from Jagiellonian University. She also graduated from a three-year course on Solution Focused Approach Counseling & Therapeutic Skills in Education and Welfare, studied art therapy at the Polish Milton H. Erickson Institute, trained in the diagnosis and treatment of pathological gambling, and trained in therapeutic work with the Adult Children of Alcoholics. She is a certified addiction specialist in psychotherapy, a certified specialist second degree in the prevention of domestic violence. Dr. Godzwon participated in the First and Second Training Conference on the diagnosis and treatment of pathological gambling - ‘Diagnoza i terapia patologicznego hazardu’. She also participated in training conducted by Professor Robert Ladouceur and became one of sixteen coaches of prevention and treatment of behavioral addictions in Poland.

She is presently conducting research on the incidence of behavioral addiction among children and adolescents, with particular emphasis on gambling and Internet addiction.

Contact information:
Phone: +48 606 94 82 95

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