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Skateboard wheels are Available in a variety of colours, sizes and degrees of hardness. Skateboards have two stats, there is the width of the wheel which means how tall the wheel is and also durometer which means how hard the wheel is.

 When making the choice Of what kind of brakes to purchase, many skaters are satisfied with wheels out of 52mm to 54mm diameter, using a hardness of 99a. Butif you want to give it a bit more thought, then be certain to ask yourself what kind of skateboarding you may do. There is a couple of types of skateboarding along with the sort of wheel that you have on your skateboard really is contingent on the kind of skateboarding you are looking to do.

 Transition/Vert Skateboarding

Larger skateboard Wheels roll a great deal faster, and if you are riding ramps then this is exactly what you desire. You are going to want a wheel that's involving 55-65mm size Although many ramp skateboarders will utilize even bigger wheels if you are simply learning you will want to try something such as a 60mm wheel , using a hardness of 95-100a.

 Street/Technical Skateboarding

Skateboarders who enjoy Doing flip tricks frequently like smaller wheels, this is because the smaller wheels are lighter and much more closer to the floor. This creates some skateboarding tricks simpler and quicker. When doing this type of skateboarding, you are going to want to try involving a 50-55mm skateboard wheel, with a hardness of 97-101a.

 Both / All Terrain Skateboarding

If You're doing so Type of skateboarding you will want a wheel that's someplace in the center of the wheel scale, and using marginally softer skateboard wheels. You may want to try a wheel dimensions of 52-60mm, together using 95-100a hardness. This will provide you a better balance between speed and weight.

 Cruising Skateboarding

Cruising brakes are Much bigger for rate the wheel size is generally involving 64-75mm and even softer. This is really for riding rough terrain the wheel hardness should be between 78-85a. There's other wheels available for your cruising style of skateboarding, these kinds of wheels are enormous dirt wheels with knobs, this kind of wheels aren't suggested for skateboards. They are more recommended for long dirt or boards boards.

 Writer Megan Vollmer Loves skateboarding and posting articles about the sport. Skateboarding is a wonderful game and can definitely lead to great things. Professional skateboarders like Rob Dyrdek live the life span of a celebrity. Check out the Rob Dyrdek house