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Hillside Bedding sees a Wider product mix at Price points, into the 1990s as the key to continued expansion.

 Hillside climbed during the past decade by offering quality bedding At the low and high ends of the current market, and backing it with personal company, stated Robert Martire, president of the 16 year old series of 74 stores.

 But the Not only surviving is to develop its business in the middle price points with futon mattresses.

 "The further you need to offer people, at all price points, The stronger you're likely to be," Martire said. "But that isn't going to mean lessening the standard of beds either. Quality still must be addressed at all price points.

 "We are not looking to bring a $699 bed down to hit a $599 price point, or vice versa. We're looking to introduce new styles to hit this price point, and fulfill that need. We must give customers a good, powerful value to fulfill their needs. However, no question, cost is a significant element in the 1990s."

 In addition to its own private label, Ortho Support, Hillside Features bedding from Sealy, Serta, Simmons, Spring Air and Englander Sleep Products, in addition to metal and wood adult and juvenile beds from Rosalco, Bestar and Berkshire.

 Sixty percent of Hillside bedding earnings are in merchandise priced and Up, with the remainder in products priced from upwards to $699, said Martire. The combination is divided between Hillside's private label manufacturer as well as the federal brands at all price points. Hillside produces its private label manufacturer in Nazareth, Pa., and enlists three regional bedding manufacturers to generate the futon mattresses.

 "We have managed to develop our own great promotionally priced bedding. On the other side of coin we have some thing for the customer that wants a name brand," explained Martire. "The ultimate judge and jury would be the consumer. We've chosen the best shots with the name brands, and put our product beside it. We are really comparing Ortho Support with Serta, Simmons and the rest of the national brands"

 Through its 54 franchise outlets and 20 company owned shops, Hillside realizes about $40 million to $45 million in annual sales, according to industry observers. best futon mattress reviews getpocket

 Hillside looks to increase its quantity through geographic Expansion of its sales land at some point in the decade (currently the series services clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut). But for 1990 and 1991, the chain is relying on mid priced bedding for a lot of its expansion.

 What also has helped Hillside grow during the last 16 Decades, and Will help fuel its growth in the next several years, is"communication, pure and easy," Martire said. Each month Hillside retains executive committee meetings, open to all franchises and employees, to discuss everything from financial issues to marketing strategies to merchandising programs.

 Out of a few of those meetings came Hillside's decision to Get Started selling juvenile car beds. "One franchisee said that he had been getting calls for car beds. We started selling them, and sales dropped. As a result of the we moved into juvenile situation goods and bunk beds," explained Martire.

 "Hillside is definitely one of the stronger bedding Experts," said one top futon mattress manufacturer supplying the series. "They understand their client and what's important to that customer. They do not take her for granted."

 Hillside's business philosophy is a sale of bedding Isn't A last one, instead it's the beginning of a relationship, based on Martire. "You have to cultivate clients, just like you do the dirt. It is the build up to the purchase, and after the purchase which are significant."

 On time delivery also is a part of that philosophy. Beds Generally get to the customer's home within 48 to 72 hours of order. Butif a client needs the bed earlier, Hillside will find a way to accommodate himMartire said.

 "Ahead of the bedding sale, price is the strong point. Later, service, like rapid, efficient delivery, becomes significant. Quality and service are remembered after the purchase price is forgotten."

 The chain got its beginning in 1974 in the Hillside part of this Bronx, with a single retail outlet and Martire's station wagon for a shipping truck.

 Martire originally wanted to name his shop the Bedpost, but Because he could not afford a brand new sign, he settled dropping the previous title Off of the older renter Hillside Interiors.

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