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Host: Macao Polytechnic Institute

Macao Polytechnic Institute

Established on September 16, 1991, Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) is a public institution of higher education with an emphasis on applied knowledge and skills. With its motto being “knowledge, expertise and global vision”, the Institute strives to achieve international standards in teaching and learning, building an e-campus, ensuring administrative compliance with the law and sound research management.

MPI logoSmall in size and compact in structure, MPI adopts the strategy of “dual emphasis on teaching and research”, with the Institute's commitment being “rooted in Macao and backed up by the motherland while facing the world and striving for excellence”. The present members of the Board of Management are Professor Lei Heong Iok, President, Professor Yin Lei, Vice President, and Dr Chan Wai Cheong, Secretary-General. Currently, there are 235 academic staff (of which 59.7 percent possess a PhD degree), 297 administrative staff, and 55 professional trainers, together serving a population of approximately 3,000 fulltime students on degree programmes and 20,000 students on non-degree training courses.

MPI’s six schools, namely, Languages & Translation, Arts, Business, Health Sciences, Physical Education & Sports, and Public Administration provide bachelor degree programmes in Chinese-English Translation and Interpretation, Chinese-Portuguese Translation and Interpretation, E-commerce, Accounting, Business Administration (in Marketing), Gaming and Recreation Management, Public Relations, Computer Studies, Social Work, Public Administration, Design, Visual Arts (Education), Music, Design, Physical Education, Nursing and Biomedical Technology.

In cooperation with several leading universities from overseas, MPI offers 10 joint master's degree programmes, including Foreign Linguistics & Applied Linguistics, Sports Social Science, Physical Education and Sports Coaching, Sports Science, Nursing, Social Work (Family-centred Practice and Family Therapy), Internet Computing, E-commerce Engineering, Telecommunications and Public Administration. These programmes are all practically oriented, emphasizing both the acquisition of knowledge and cultivation of skills. Since its establishment, the Institute has produced tens of thousands of professionals who are now serving in a variety of industries, playing important roles in society by utilising their professional knowledge and skills, and receiving positive feedback from their employers.

The research work is carried out by the six schools as well as Gaming Teaching and Research Centre, the One Country Two Systems Research Centre, the Social, Economic and Public Policy Research Centre, the Centre of Sino-Western Cultural Studies, the MPI-Melco Gaming and Entertainment Information Technology Research and Development Centre, the MPI-QMUL Information System Research Centre and the MPI-BMM Gaming Technology Testing Centre. Some of their work is conducted via collaboration with prestigious universities overseas or on the Mainland, such as organizing international conferences, publishing academic journals and hosting Macao-wide English and Information Technology competitions. MPI’s research also enhances its teaching quality, focusing on contemporary social issues and facilitating the implementation of the Macao SAR government’s policy. The research output of MPI staff with regard to research papers published in core journals noted in key citation indexes and award-winning monographs has witnessed annual increases.

Based upon its unique features, MPI strives for excellence with its philosophy of high quality, student-centred education. Rooted in Macao while reaching out to the world, MPI endeavours to grow into a continuously improving university of excellence in terms of management, teaching and research within a vibrant academic culture. 

Gaming Teaching and Research Center, Macao Polytechnic Institute

On September 1, 2009 the gaming part of the Macao Tourism and Casino Career Centre was incorporated into Macao Polytechnic Institute to establish the Gaming Teaching and Research (GTRC). GTRC continues to provide training services to related industries and develops more casino management training courses to prepare qualified local staff for management positions.

The Centre has started a Bachelor of Social Science in Gaming and Recreation Management Programme in academic year 2010/2011. The programme aims at nurturing local middle to senior level gaming management personnel. Also the Centre will promote regional academic research in gaming, carry out relevant researches of gaming industry’s impact on society and economy in order to provide decision-making references to the government, enterprises and society.